On 1–3 June we were in London to find out what was cooking at STRATA+HADOOP.

Here is a brief wrap-up of some of the topics discussed that we think you’ll find rather interesting:

  1. Spark has cemented its place as the most interesting and active framework. And it now has a dedicated notebook.
  2. Heavy competition in the centre-field: tools promising to make advanced data analysis available to everyone are popping up like mushrooms. Tentatively, Dataikustands out as one of the highest rated “user-friendly” platforms.
  3. Companies are increasingly interested in how to analyze and monetize the information contained in free text. New approaches are achieving spectacular results with few thousands of observations. Got any fresh ideas for your projects / clients?
  4. Deep learning is now the favourite toy of Google & friends. Very few companies have enough information and processing power to take advantage of the technique, but the guys atTractable have implemented production on a spectacular approach to bring the technology to the masses (and our clients!). Look out for “transfer learning”.
  5. Denmark is paradise for the “data scientist”. Check it out in this video.

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