Participation in the 1st Conference on Statistics and Big Data

11 April, 2014

On Thursday, 3 April 2014, Pau Agulló, managing director at Kernel Analytics, gave a talk on “Statistics and Big Data, lessons from personalized recommendation”, as part of the 1st Conference on Statistics and Big Data organized by the Catalan Statistics Society. Various speakers made presentations at the conference, sharing their thoughts and experience on the relevance of Statistics in a Big Data environment, addressing questions such as “Is Statistics still relevant in a Big Data world?”, “Which aspects of Statistics are most relevant now?”, and “Do we need new theories for this new technology?” The focus was on methodologies, rather than the technology itself, and the audience packed the auditorium at the UPC Engineering School in Barcelona with over 250 attendants. Pau Agulló spoke of the challenges that Statistics faces in general, with a specific focus on Big Data and personalized recommendation in e-commerce.

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