Challenges of Big Data, the “Oil of the 21st Century”

Catalunya Ràdio

On Tuesday 23 June, Pau Agulló, director of Kernel Analytics, took part in a debate on Big Data on the morning show El Matí de Catalunya Radio, one of the highest-rated radio programs in Catalonia. The talk covered the opportunities and risks of Big Data and the various ways in which it can and should be used. Also joining in the debate were Josep Matas, a lawyer and expert in data protection, and Carme Peiro, a journalist specializing in data. Agulló presented several Big Data applications for use in both public and private contexts which could represent great opportunities for both Barcelona and Catalonia, given the fertile university, business and government environment of the area.

»Listen online (30 minutes, in Catalan)

Catalunya Ràdio

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