Business and Technology jobs in today’s market

The Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) holds seminars for final year students on the various career opportunities available to them, inviting both alumni as well as personalities and companies from the sector.

On 22 April, María Fernández of Kernel Analytics was invited to participate in the event, where she spoke about employment in the world of Business and Technology and explained for the students her academic and professional trajectory and how she came to work as a Data Analyst at Kernel Analytics.

Maria ended her presentation with several practical examples of algorithms and analytics techniques, so that students could understand the logic behind some of the methods used and why this kind of information can be useful for a company.

I studied a combination of Business Management & Administration and Computer Engineering, so I had a lot of possible careers, including Data Analyst.”

My training gave me business knowledge and programming skills (technology), but I was missing the part of analytics. To acquire that I did the master’s in Data Science at GSE, and that’s how I ended up going on to work at Kernel.”

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